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The Balanced Scorecard is not specifically a tool to control the quality, but quality might be in the form of a business goal aligned with one of the strategic themes and respective metrics.

Below are some case studies about how users of BSC Designer used this software for ongoing quality control. If you want to research this topic more, you’ll find more quality-related examples in this article.

Software to Define and Track Key Quality Indicators (KQI)

I need to design balanced scorecards that allow top executives of my clients to track existing initiatives and create new ones.

Davide Gentile, Strategic Advisor, Davide Gentile Management Consultancy, Rome

I just started using BSC Designer and I find it very useful as it allows creating categories and sub-categories where I can put key performance indicators. It is then possible to represent hierarchical structure of Key Performance Indicator and, by aggregating them, to define and track Key Quality Indicators. These key quality indicators are very important to understand how key performance indicators “perform” in particular contexts or situation. I need to understanding more in depth the potential of this application, but it is very likely that I will upgrade to the PRO version.

A note from developers

Davide, we thank you very much for such a detailed report. We are happy to see you among the users of BSC Designer and it’s nice to know that you find BSC Designer software useful. After reading your feedback I have some ideas in mind that probably will help to improve the process of managing indicators.

You are actively using BSC Designer to manage Key Quality Indicators. How do these indicators change their performance? It is a line function, for example 0 means 0% performance, 25 means 50% performance and 50 means 100% performance? Or is the dependency between an indicator’s value and its performance more complex? BSC Designer is flexible in this sense. By default there is a linear formula, but one can customize it.

You mentioned that BSC Designer is used to track the performance of existing initiatives. You are following a correct approach by aligning indicators to initiatives. Another improvement (probably you already have it in some form) is to map strategic objectives and align indicators and initiatives with them as well.

Align business goal and KPIs visually

I invite all business professionals who use quality indicators to share their experience in the comments.

Investing Company Use BSC Designer to Visually Track Performance and Quality

I like BSC Designer because it is very flexible and lets me import data from my own database, also I can link it to my internally developed applications, customize reports and communications. This allows us to operate in real time over the web, collaborating with my people and the managers of companies where we have invested, in such a manner that our communication is very effective since we deal with whatever is important, saving us time and resources.

Ricardo Zea Grayeb,

CFG SAPI DE CV, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico

Our business is financial and commercial services, we are investing in a company that sells consumer electronics and credit to government employees and collects payments via payroll discounts.

We plan to develop the entire BSC for the parent organization from the board to the end employee and link our invested projects (subsidiaries) to it to visually track performance and quality, and report in real time to our associated investors.

Also with BSC Designer we have reports instantly prepared for the strategic management level, as well as for the operations, and this allows us to quickly react and adapt to any given situation.

A note from developers

Thank you for submitting feedback about BSC Designer. Importing business data from various sources is very important. Besides an access to a database via SQL indicators, BSC Designer can also import business data from MS Excel spreadsheets. Moreover, it does not simply import data, but it also establishes a connection between an Excel file and a BSC project. In this way, in the future you can easily update your BSC with the latest business data from Excel. Learn more about various options to import data in BSC Designer.

Select the source file with data

Another task that you mentioned is about visual tracking of performance and quality. In the latest version of BSC Designer we have added more visualization means. But it is not just visualization that was improved, but an alignment process. For example, in the latest version you can add a KPI to a business goal. BSC Designer will build a strategy map taking in account business goals and its connections and then will add a KPI with a stop-light next to the business objective. Here is how it is possible to create strategy maps like this.

As for reporting to your partners, there is a new tab “Alerts” in BSC Designer. There a user can create an automatic notification to all involved employees and partners. For example, you can send a notification to your partners automatically when a KPI changes its value or a new initiative is added.

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