Looking for Portuguese Native Speaker for Customer Support

We are looking for Portuguese native speaker who will join our team. Following our values, we are happy to hire talents for remote job.

The Scope of the Job

  • Video tutorials. Make video tutorials, like we have here in each section of the user manual
  • Customer support. Respond to the user tickets in Portuguese and English via Zendesk platform
  • Demo calls. Do demo calls for the product
  • Translation. Do some translations English > Portuguese

Paid Test

To get to known each other we have designed a short test task (we’ll compensate your time). What to do if you are interested?

  1. Estimate your budget and completion time for the test task below
  2. Contact us to discuss further details.

Test Task

  • Signup. Signup with Portuguese version of BSC Designer Online
  • Make Video. Make a short screencast video (for example, using Screencastify) in English where you show your first steps with the software
  • Upload Video. Deliver video by uploading it to Google Drive
  • Marketing Texts. Deliver video title text and 2 sentence video description
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