Moving Your Goals to KPIs Tab

Many users of BSC Designer reported that they had to do twice the work maintaining the same structure of the goals on “Business goals” tab and “KPIs” tab. As a response to those requests we combined the best functions of both tab.

What was achieved?

  • Now you have just one “KPIs” tab, no more doing twice the work maintaining the same structure on two tabs
  • You have all the functions you had before, and even more
  • All goals now have a progress/performance calculated naturally from the aligned indicators
  • The leading and lagging performance helps to differentiate the calculations of “efforts” and “results” part (why does it matter?)

Change your rituals with the software

  • When creating a new scorecard consider using KPIs tab only – you will have all the functions you had for Business goals tab
  • For old scorecards, move goals from the “Business goals” tab to the KPIs tab (a functionality to make the migration easier will be released soon)
  • We will give users some time to migrate business goals to the KPIs (the deadline to be announced later). After this time we will do lossless move of the business goals to the KPIs tab automatically

What is already released

  • Strategy map built from the KPIs (similar to what you had for business goals)
  • KPIs now can have budget and duration initiatives aligned with them
  • Leading and lagging type of KPIs allow to connect indicators and container indicators by hard data
  • Goals and KPIs Report that gives the functionality of old “Budget and duration report” for the business goals and add two more report types
  • Master that will help to move goals from “Business goals” tab to the “KPIs” tab

How to use a master for moving goal

  1. Go to the ¨Business goals¨ tab
  2. Select one of the goals or one of the perspectives (like “Finance”)
  3. “Move to KPIs” button will appear on the toolbar
  4. Choose the destination (if the names of node items for KPIs matched the node items for business goals you will need just to click OK)
  5. Review what was moved from “Business goals” tab to KPIs
Cite as: BSC Designer Team, "Moving Your Goals to KPIs Tab," BSC Designer, June 4, 2018,