Add Custom Measure Units

To Select One of the Custom Measures, select any indicator and then click on "Measure" drop-down list:

Access customer units of measure

Custom Units Dialog

Use the "Measure Units" tab (File menu > Properties > Measure Units) to manage custom measure units:

Custom measure units dialog

Create new measure units

1. Specify the name for new measure units. For instance: m2 stands for "square meters".

2. Custom text values. This option allows using some text values instead of integer values.

For instance: if your goal is to rate the area of some real estate you can use integers like 30 m2, 35 m2, 100 m2, but for your particular task it might be more important to classify all real estates into 3 groups like:

Use "+" button under "Custom text values" section to add these custom measure units:

Custom value table 

 3. Finalize editing. Click "OK" and use new measure units in your scorecard project:

Use new measure units

Once a measure unit has been created, it will be accessible in the "Measure" drop-down list for all indicators.