Business Goals in BSC Designer

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Business executives always have many insights about their company. It is important to formalize these insights in the form of business goals and objectives. Unlike in the simple to-do list, in the business scorecard the cause-and-effect connections between objectives are important. BSC Designer allows formalizing business goals, aligning them with indicators or process maps, and presenting them on the strategy map.

Business Goals in BSC Designer

All of the control for business goals in BSC Designer are located on the "Business goals" tab.

Goals and objectives in BSC Designer

By the way, sometimes the words "goal" and "objective" are used interchangeably. Actually, there is a difference. The word "goal" refers to some vague idea, or a "business dream," while "objective" is more specific and quantifiable. Any business professional knows that all excellent objectives start with vague goals, so in BSC Designer we don't obligate you to be specific. You can manage vague goals, as well as specific business objectives.   To create and set up a new business goal follow these steps:

Goal's properties

A business goal item in BSC Designer has some important properties:

Business goal properties

Cause-and-effect connection

The cause-and-effect connection between business goals is important as it helps to answer the "Why?" and the "How?" questions of the strategy. BSC Designer allows managing and visualizing these connections.

How a business goal contributes to other goals

Using "Contributes to" and "Contributed by" fields is one way to tell BSC Designer about the connection between business goals. It is also possible to create some new business goals and establish cause-and-effect connections between them directly onto the strategy map. Check out the "Strategy map" section of the manual for the details.

Goal on the strategy map

Once a new business goal is created in BSC Designer there are two important things to do: Indicators that are aligned with business goals will be shown below the respective business goal item. You can select an aligned indicator and specify how you want it to be visualized on the strategy map.
Indicators aligned with a business goal

Among visualization options there is "Indicator type" drop list. Use it to specify whether in this business context an aligned indicator is leading or lagging one: For example: Switch to the "Strategy map" tab to see how the business goals and aligned indicators are visualized.


In contrast from project management where we deal with the minor tasks and the distribution of specific resources, a business scorecard is about a company's strategy. You don't need to put into the scorecard all of the smallest tasks you have. The goal is to have a big picture of what's going on in your business, and to understand the reasons and the consequences better. The connected business goals, aligned indicators, and strategy maps will help you with this.