BSC Project Properties

To access Balanced Scorecard Project Properties, use the Properties command in the File menu.

Business scorecard project properties in BSC Designer


The Main tab contains information about the balanced scorecard:

Measure Units

The Measure Units tab contains information about the units of measure used in the scorecard:

Custom values & files tabs

These two tabs help to customize reports:

The custom values tab allows specifying custom values which will be used in the HTML report. To create a new custom value, follow these steps:

  1. Modify the template file to your needs. Typically you need to modify the "Common.html" file located in the \Templates folder.
  2. In the template file, use something of the format %custom_value%
  3. Go to the "Custom values" tab and click the Add button.
  4. In the Template field, input the name of the "custom_value" (without quotation marks).
  5. In the Value field, input the value for the custom template.
  6. Click the Apply button.

Check the online manual on customizing reports.

Custom files use the same idea as Custom values (see above), but custom files are designed specifically for files, for instance, a customer logo.

Check the online manual on customizing reports.

SQL tab

Password tab

Last save tab

Displays latest saved sessions for the current project.

Business goals tab

On this tab one can choose if/how BSC Designer fills in empty business goals descriptions.


On this tab it is possible to define how baseline is updated in BSC Designer. Also, the default value for the inheritance can be defined.

Main Tabs

On this tab the names of the main tabs can be customized.