Alerts in BSC Designer

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Business scorecards help communicate strategy across the company. This communication works on a strategic level with the help of a strategy map, as well as on an operational level via metrics and initiatives. On the operational level it is important to learn on time about important changes. The "Alerts" tab in BSC Designer is helpful for this purpose.

Alerts in BSC Designer

With the "Alerts" function in BSC Designer you can sign up to receive notifications about:

Integration with BSC Designer Online

To have an "alerts" function working properly, you need to have an account in BSC Designer Online. The desktop version of BSC Designer connects to this account to obtain information about your team members and to send them out notification emails.

Creating a new alert

Let's pass through the steps needed to create a new alert or to modify an existing one.
On the "General settings" tab you can choose the name of a new alert and choose if you want this alert to be applied to the whole scorecard project or to the specific indicator only.

On the "Event" tab you can select the reason to generate an alert. Three options are available here:
For example: For a business scorecard project you can have as many alerts as needed that will keep your team informed in different ways. The result of using those alerts is that you will be addressing all of the problems proactively, thus preventing big business performance issues. You will never again face a situation that some indicator was not updated for months, or that an indicator in a red zone was not attended to properly.