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Would you like to become a KPI expert? “KPI Best Practice Toolkit” is the right choice for you! Check out what you will find inside!

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The “KPI Best Practice Toolkit” is packed with helpful information that is ready-to-use.

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This toolkit will save you hours of research by giving you clear instructions on using KPIs effectively!

More details about KPI Toolkit

“KPI Best Practice Toolkit” consists of 5 parts. The first 3 parts explore KPI in great detail and contain:

  • Step-by-step design and implementation algorithms;
  • Tips for best practices;
  • Real-world usage scenarios;

The final 2 parts include ready-to-use PowerPoint templates for the Balanced Scorecard and for the Strategy map.

Part 1 – KPI IntroductionThis section contains 7 PowerPoint slides that discuss the basics of KPI:

  • What are KPIs?
  • Where do you start?
  • How do you align KPIs with strategy?

This information is short and useful. You’ll save time otherwise spent reading hundreds of articles overloaded with details.

Part 2 – KPI Best Practice TipsThis section contains a 10-minute video that discusses KPI best practices.

You will learn about:

  • Benefits of KPIs
  • Creating effective KPIs
  • DOs and DON’TS of KPIs
Part 3 – KPI Usage scenariosThis section contains 48 slides split into 3 PowerPoint presentations that explain in detail how to introduce KPI to three different business perspectives: “Human Resources,” “Sales” and “Customers”.

Each presentation shows:

  • Niche-specific KPIs and categories
  • KPI usage scenario
  • Strategy and implementation insights
  • Example of goals and progress analysis
  • Example of actual usage of KPI
Part 4 – Balanced Scorecard TemplateThis is a bonus section where you will find 2 ready-to-use Balanced Scorecard Templates. Use these templates to create your own Balanced Scorecard with KPIs.

Part 5 – Strategy Map Templates

This bonus section includes 2 ready-to-use Strategy Map templates. Use them to draw a roadmap for your business!

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