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BSC Designer Knowledge Base is a place where business professionals can have an access to the various materials on the topics of Strategy and KPIs Scorecard.

Free VIP access to the BSC Designer knowledge base for all active users of BSC Designer

Active users of BSC Designer have a free access to the Knowledge Base:

Here are those who are qualified as an active user:

  • Those who have an active subscription to BSC Designer Online/PRO (the number of users or billing cycle doesn’t matter; can be 1 power user at a monthly billing plan)
  • Those who have a permanent license of BSC Designer PRO that was bought/upgraded less than 1 year ago

The VIP access is here. If you believe that you are an active user, but the system doesn’t allow you in, please contact us.

Inside the knowledge base

Here are the topics that we have already covered:

  • Why does one need a measurement system (video; duration: 5:29)
  • Understanding: quantification, measures, metrics, KPIs (video; duration: 15:08)
  • The link between KPIs, Key Success Factors, business goals, strategy (video; duration: 7:32)
  • Is “…” a good goal? (video; duration: 14:21)
  • KPI Weight (relevant importance) (video; duration 15:16)
  • Scorecard and KPIs 101: Calculation of Indicators (PDF; 6 pages)
  • How to Find 1 Keystone Indicator that Needs to Dominate on Your Scorecard (PDF; 3 pages)
  • KPIs vs. KRIs (video; duration 5:53)
  • Leading vs. lagging indicator (video; duration 18:54)
  • Scorecard Cascading (video; duration 18:13)

KPI 10-Step System:

  • 10-Step System to Find Tailor-Made KPIs (video; duration: 52:18)
  • PDF template for the KPI system with an example of how to fill in the template
  • Print-friendly materials (diagrams, examples, final checklist in PDF format)

Performance measurement culture:

  • 5 Steps to Establish a Good Performance Measurement Culture (video; duration: 45:23)

Best Practices for KPIs

  • KPI Misuse: How to detect and prevent it (video; duration: 23:19)

OKR Toolkit

  • Introduction and executive summary videos

Examples and Templates:

  • Video example of how to build a Balanced Scorecard step-by-step
  • 12 examples/templates of the Balanced Scorecard projects

You will also find there:

Why BSC Designer Knowledge Base?

Because it is a great place to learn quickly about the most challenging aspects of KPI and Strategy Scorecards.

Here is our vision for this Knowledge Base:

  • Most of the materials are delivered in the form of videos uploaded to the private section on YouTube
  • We keep materials visually appealing, e.g. less words, more diagrams and pictures
  • We discuss the KPI-related problems that we believe are important
  • We know what people usually struggle with and we explain how to overcome those pitfalls
  • We know you are busy, so we keep materials short and informative

Questions & Answers

Now, it is the time for a short Q&A session.

Do you plan to add more materials to the knowledge base?

Absolutely! More video materials will be added to the knowledge base soon. Users who have an access to the knowledge base will see the updates right in their control panel. Additionally, we will inform users via our mail list and social networks.

I´m not a user of BSC Designer, can I buy an access to the knowledge base?

We assume that after/during learning all the theory you will want to apply it in practice, that’s why the knowledge base is accessible only to the active users of BSC Designer and is not sold apart.

The easiest (less expensive) way to get an access to the knowledge base is to get a subscription to BSC Designer Online, a cloud-base KPIs/Balanced Scorecard software. In this way you get an access to the knowledge and you also have a software to implement all your KPI-related ideas in practice.

Current price for the KPI Best Practice Toolkit is  $49, I can get VIP access to the knowledge base that includes this Toolkit for $40 if buy BSC Designer Online… where is the trick?

No tricks, no strings attached. Become an active user of BSC Designer and grab the materials! The case that you mentioned is 100% doable – one can get a monthly subscription to BSC Designer Online (1 power user will cost $40) and get a VIP access to the knowledge base that includes KPI Best Practice Toolkit. You save $9, get BSC Designer Online subscription, and additional materials from the knowledge base.

Can I cancel my BSC Designer Online subscription?

Monthly subscription is paid month-by-month, so after the first month you can cancel your subscription. No questions asked.

In my country YouTube is not accessible, what can I do?

We upload videos to the private section on YouTube. According to the feedback of active users we can work on the alternative video hosting platforms as well. Please, contact us and we’ll try to help.

Can we use the materials of the knowledge base to train people inside our company?

Yes, you can. Actually, it is one of the important aspects of building a good performance measurement culture. We’ll talk about this more in the 3rd part of the knowledge base.

We need to have KPI workshop on our site, can you help?

Yes, we do KPIs/Balanced Scorecard workshops on client’s site. Please, contact us for the details.

I’m active user of BSC Designer; how can I get my VIP access to the knowledge base?

You need to visit this link and use the email that you used to buy a BSC Designer license or subscription.

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