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Users of other platforms (MacOS, iPad, Linux, Android) can sign-up with a cloud-based BSC Designer Online.

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8 comments on “Get BSC Designer
  1. Ayesha says:

    I have only a mac book and the software is not getting downloaded in that

  2. Hi Ayesha,

    You have two choices:
    1. Use Parallel Desktop on Mac, many mac users do so.
    2. Sign up with an BSC Designer Online ( which is cloud-based version and works on any platform.

  3. barbara says:

    Please when did tesco adopt the BSC?what year did they adopt it?has its adoption improved their financial performance?

  4. Hello Barbara,

    I think your question is related to the previously published article about Tesco Balanced Scorecard – The version with 5 perspectives was released in 2007. If you’ll find more specific data about the project time frame, please share it in the comments for the article.

    As for the improvement in financial performance, data shows that it was achieved. But generally speaking it is hard to credit financial success or failure to the specific business tool used.

  5. Diệp Bích Đào says:

    Hello, I’m from Vietnam, please let me know if you have any partner in Vietnam. Thanks

  6. Hello! We have many users from Vietnam, they normally buy online without problems. As for the local partner, we don’t have one.

  7. zahra says:

    I cant download this video please help me for download videos

  8. Hi Zahra, the introduction video is uploaded to YouTube. To watch it you need to click on the image and then click again on the opened vide to start playing. If you prefer to have a downloaded version, then you will need to use some 3rd party tool for YouTube video download, just google “download youtube video” and you will find many options.

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