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Logo Personal VestibularesAn educational start-up called Personal Vestibulares, specializing in personalized preparation for top Brazilian universities, used BSC Designer to manage KPIs to track efficient learning. As a result of the implementation of BSC Designer, a shorter problem identification-analysis-solution cycle was achieved.

The challenge faced

The initial challenge was to define and track KPIs that would guaranty the differentiation of the organization and the delivery of the proposed value. It was planned to focus on the main measurement efforts on tracking:

  • Personalization,
  • Humanization, and
  • Efficient learning process.

The role of BSC Designer software

BSC Designer made it easy to input and analyze performance data. The implementation of the software forced all accountable managers to keep track of the desirable results and keep a log of all the important performance data.

BSC makes it easy to input and analyze data. That forces the discipline of all accountable managers not to lose track of desirable results.

Gustavo Yolle, CEO, Personal Vestibulares

The software helped managers to be focused on the strategy, e.g. review, and be able to improve it regularly. The cause-and-effect logic on the strategy map helped to:

  • Understand the reasons of the cases when the desired results were not achieved,
  • Find improvement points, and
  • Redefine the communication of the team.

Achieved results

After the implementation of BSC Designer the company could improve the response speed to the problems by two times. In the cases when something was not working, projects were not executed as expected, or when some team was losing the focus on the project, the software helped us to see problem on the level of performance data and fix it in an early stage.

An outline of the implementation

  1. Define success factors of the successful customer value creation
  2. Presenting success factors in the form of KPIs, e.g. personalization, humanization, efficient learning process
  3. Presenting company’s strategy on strategy map using BSC Designer software
  4. Tracking KPIs with BSC Designer
  5. Finding potential and actual problems
  6. Solving problems, redefining communications of the team

About Personal Vestibulares

Logo Personal VestibularesPersonal Vestibulares is an educational start-up specializing in personal preparation for top Brazilian universities’ admission exams. Learn more about Vestibulares at:

About BSC Designer

BSC Designer Logo - 150 x 150BSC Designer software is recognized by professionals from the education sector as a tool for strategy scorecard design and managing Key Performance Indicators. This software helps to create scorecards for the administration of universities as well as track and improve the performance of teaching process.

Among users of BSC Designer software are such universities as University of Alberta (Canada), The Ohio State University (US), Universidad Autonoma del Estado (Mexico), Huazhong University of Science & Technology (China).

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