Define the line of action strategy to achieve the mission and vision

We have defined the following tasks in the software:

  • Construction of the strategic map
  • Identification and definition of strategic indicators in the 4 perspectives.
  • Definition of the strategic management model.
  • Review of ongoing initiatives.
  • Analysis, definition and incorporation of productivity kpis.

Fernando, Director, Esedegal, Spain

With this tool we have defined the methodology by which the Management of our company we define the line of action strategy to achieve the mission and vision.

This methodology allows:

  • The definition of strategic objectives.
  • The establishment of relationships between the different strategic objectives.
  • The identification and definition of monitoring indicators that measure the level of compliance with the objectives.
  • The coherence of all resources (human, technical and budget) with the strategic objectives of the company.

In addition, this program helps us to identify both the key aspects and the operational procedures to be carried out, the activities and departments involved and the tasks to be performed by them.

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