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BSC Toolkit has helped many business professionals understand Balanced Scorecard and align theory with practice. Learn what our clients think about BSC Toolkit.

Very useful part about implementation of BSC and benchmarking

As an IT software company we provide our clients with solutions in customized SW products.

Miroslav Bauer, Senior Sales Consultant, KOMIX, Prague, Czech Republic

BSC Toolkit is a very useful tool for any stakeholder in the area of measurement and for management of a company’s performance. For me personally it was a very useful part about implementation of BSC and benchmarking with valuable information. We plan to use some information from the kit also for our internal training of SW engineers.

The toolkit was useful to help us analyze metrics

The task is to strategically align the engineering activities and procurement activities into one functional group to support the client’s operational needs. This entails retooling our project methodology to support emerging work. This program is a useful tool to help us analyze what metrics hold a purpose and how to articulate continuous improvement.

Michael Oliver, Project Manager, WorleyParsons, Houston, TX

This was much more informative than the BSC initial training I purchased. I was pleasantly surprised with the detail in the white papers and spreadsheets. I purchased this on my own to review and see if it would help with the program’s activities. I was not disappointed. Our task is not complete, but we are better aligned for new challenges.

Excellent tool to design and organize the main information of business

It is an excellent tool to design and organize the main information of business. It serves as both for specific areas it will have a general overview of the entire company. It is especially useful for SMEs. You can also integrate with other tools like Excel. It is very good, the best.

David Martin, Specialist Quality Assurance, Vodafone, Spain

BSC Toolkit is very useful in understanding the BSC concept

I use the contents to understand BSC concepts in detail and build frameworks for company BSC preparation and implementation.

Narendra, Business Excellence Lead, Local Multibillion Group, UAE

BSC Toolkit is very useful in understanding the BSC concepts in detail and helps in preparation of your company BSC. The contents of the toolkit are easy to understand and can be related to live business scenarios. BSC Toolkit is highly recommended for all of you who want to understand the BSC from basic and build their expertise at an advanced level.

Excellent tool to help build Balanced Scorecards in both business and personal contexts

Building personal scorecards for coaching clients to help them achieve balance in their lives, while using an accountability tool.

Dennis Johnson, Consultant, Leadership Architecture & Design LLC, Madison, WI

While I am still getting to know the tool, I believe the product is an excellent tool to help build balanced scorecards in both business and personal contexts. The instructions are easy to follow. Additionally, I plan to discuss the tool in the context of leadership and good business practice in an MBA course I teach adjunct. Finally, I think this tool could be adapted for some of the nonprofit organizations in which I sit on their boards.

Using the BSC Toolkit we were able to break down the organizational objectives

We use BSC Toolkit to cascade organizational objectives to different organizational levels

Nandanan Kannanpulakkal, CEO, Future Options Consulting Ltd, Kampala

The BSC Tookit of BSC Designer was useful in developing a broader understanding of the step-by-step process of cascading objectives and goals of the organization to different organizational levels. Using the BSC Tool Kit we were able to break down the organizational objectives and cascade them into goals for different positions in the organization.

The toolkit has a lot of material to train managers in strategy execution

Business professional: Adnan Khan, Leading consultant and trainer, People Resources management, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Capetown

BSC is an excellent tool, I revisited my client strategy and found to be non-competitive, this toolkit helped me to devise their strategies in a correct manner, setting up vision, mission, departmental goals and functional objectives, and also the tools were very helpful in aligning organization competitiveness at all levels.

Opinion about BSC Toolkit

This toolkit is for internal or external consultants and implementer. They should be able to align their companies, firm or organization for today’s commutative environment. This toolkit helps to set objectivity. Key performance indicators converting to key result areas helped stakeholders predict internal and external strategy to stay competitive. Also, these tools have a lot of material to train managers and implementers.

An excellent set of inputs for the facilitation of design sessions to strategy execution

Business professional: Michael Olivier, Managing Director, Synchrona Leadership Strategies, Johannesburg South Africa

Initiating BSC projects in client companies, usually medium-sized organisations where the understanding of strategy execution is limited.

Opinion about BSC Toolkit

The templates are useful and allow for a simple, yet effective approach to explaining, training and implementing BSC approaches. The tools also serve as an excellent set of inputs for the facilitation of design sessions when starting out with BSC approaches to strategy execution. The guideline notes are also practical and assist in taking the complexity out of launching BSC initiatives in organisations that try to use “scorecards” without understanding the logic and flow of the BSC process and the design and role of strategy maps.

The examples used to illustrate BSC concepts were easy to understand and follow

Business professional: Ellen N. Sayed, Director, Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, Doha, Qatar

I am using Balanced Score Card in the implementation and tracking of a five-year strategic plan for an academic medical library. I have found this approach to be helpful in narrowing down the relevant metrics and to review the library’s role in the College overall mission. It has also been helpful in elevating the level of data collected within the department, which was mostly at the result indicator level.

Opinion about BSC Toolkit

I thought the audio files were fantastic. They were to the point and had a review element built into them. The examples used to illustrate BSC concepts were easy to understand and follow. I learnt a lot from them and have gone back to listen to them many times. Using them in conjunction with books on BSC I have also found to be a good strategy.

Making intangible business objective tangible

We use BSC Designer to support the conceptual part of leadership and business acumen.

John R., Business Trainer, Bigtalk, Norway

I just started to use this application. So far it looks like a great solution for integrating and making a better understanding of business objectives. Making intangibles tangible creates important buy-ins for HR, satisfying the needs for other stakeholders in the organization (management). This framework is also good for education and learning. The steps in preparing and describing objectives are very important. This is a good tool for helping in this process.

A note from the developers

John, thank you for the feedback. As I understand from you comment you are not just formalizing business goals to better understand them, but also make them tangible (I suppose by using KPIs and alignment).

The next step is to put these business objectives on the strategy map where it is possible to show the cause-and-effect connections between them. In this way you can create a platform that will be a great tool for further discussions about these business goals and strategy.

Compare, here is the list of business goals as we see the on the “Business goals” tab:

High level business goals in BSC Designer

And here is the list of the business goals as they can be presented on the strategy map:

An Example of HR Strategy Map

You mentioned that one of the benefit of using of the software is that you got a buy-in from HR and others. Recently Kazim Ladimeji, HR specialist with 17+ years of practice wrote about HR strategy and particularly about how HR Can Boost Their Credibility By Using KPIs.

One thing that I believe is of great importance: the business goals and the strategy map that you have are most likely for the top management. It is important to translate these business objectives and the strategy map respectively to the lower levels. E.g., the specialists on the lower levels will have their own version of the strategy map and their own business goals.

I invite readers to ask questions in the comments and share their stories.

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