Strategic Planning Process: Mission, Priorities, Goals, KPIs, Initiatives

5 steps of strategic planning process from defining values, vision, and mission to describing strategy on strategy maps with business goals, KPIs, and initiatives.

A detailed, action-oriented explanation of strategic planning process from mission, vision and values to strategic priorities, goals, KPIs, and initiatives. There are 5 steps in the strategic planning process (five levels of abstraction for strategic planning): Preparation. Stakeholders Step 1. Definition of strategy attributes: Mission, Vision, Values Step 2. Strategy formulation: Frameworks, Strategy Commentary, Strategic Themes, … Read more

Strategic vs. Operational Goals – What’s the Difference?

[Infographic] You’re Doing It Wrong: Strategic vs. Operational Goals

¨A goal is a dream with a deadline.¨ Napoleon Hill  Any organization needs to have a strategy and respective strategic goals, however, on most strategy maps the focus is on incremental operational objectives that can rarely result into sustainable profitability.  Key topics of the article: Introduction 6-Point Checklist: Strategic vs. Operation Goal Test: Strategic or Operational Importance … Read more

Strategy Map: How-To Guide, PDF Template, and Examples

8 STEPS To Create a Strategy Map By BSC Designer

Build a solid base for discussion and execution of your organization’s strategy. Learn how to create a single-page strategy map following step-by-step guides and using examples. Part 1. Guides: How to Create a Strategy Map in 8 Steps + Infographic Typical Mistakes Part 2. Templates: Strategy Map PDF Template 10 Strategy Map Examples The term … Read more