Example of Using KPI Step-by-Step System

10-Step System to Find Tailor-Made Key Performance Indicators

Good KPIs take into account business context, predict success, show early warning signals, validate achieved results, and for sure, they are accepted by your team. This time-proven system will guide you step-by-step towards excellent KPIs that are right for your business. The steps of the system are not presented in hierarchical order. Instead, I’m following … Read more

Safety KPIs

Top 5 KPIs for Safety

Safety KPIs can be divided into the lagging ones that help to quantify something that has already happened (incidents and injuries) and leading metrics that work proactively and help to prevent future safety events. Key topics: Safety KPIs Strategy map for safety Examples, including KPIs for safety in the context of Covid-19 Most likely, you … Read more

Call Center: Building 3 Most Important Attainable KPIs

Call center KPIs in BSC Designer

Good communication is crucial for building trust among a consumer base. And in today’s economic environment, it’s a Call Center that acts as the lifeblood of a business that requires forward-facing contact with a public audience. They can make a company stand out, attracting and retaining customers because of positive interactions with clients, or they … Read more

KPIs and Scorecard Calculation – Complete Guide

Baseline and target of a KPI

Introduction to the scorecard and KPIs calculations: Terms and definitions: metric, indicator, KPIs, scorecard Qualitative and quantitative indicators How to normalize metrics? How to use metric’s weight for calculations? How to calculate the leading and lagging indicators, goals’ performance, and total scorecard index. What is The Right Term: KPI, Indicator or Metric? From a business … Read more

Stop Measuring All the Wrong Things – Measurement Inversion

Stop Measuring All the Wrong Things - Focus on Metrics that Really Impact Your Business

A while ago, Doug Hubbard introduced me to the concept of measurement inversion. According to him the more something matters the less we tend to measure it and the less we know about it. Things that really matter are often highly imprecise and thus there is a great opportunity to learn a whole lot more. … Read more