Learning from Tesco Strategy Map and Scorecard

A great lesson of how Balanced Scorecard works can be learned from global retailer Tesco. This company is known for its state of art Business Intelligence (BI) system. Balanced Scorecard is published yearly on tescoplc.com as part of Tesco’s BI system and is a must-see business performance tool. It even has its own name, “steering wheel.” In … Read more

KPIs for Customs Broker Service Provider Bottleneck

Bottlenecks exist in any business. The case study below suggests an approach for dealing with the performance bottlenecks from the viewpoint of the performance and Key Performance Indicators. Case study details Company background: Customs Broker Service Provider receives merchandise in the warehouse, inspects the merchandise, does the classification process, prepares the customs paperwork, pays duties, and … Read more

Balanced Scorecard Helps Boost Employee Retention and Satisfaction

Futura, a custom aluminum extrusion company, realized that their employees were their greatest asset in a competitive marketplace, and the foundation of their success in customer service, operations and profitability.  They used the Balanced Scorecard approach to make employee retention and support a priority, implementing a suite of human resource tools and effecting a significant … Read more

Balanced Scorecard for Verizon Communications

Verizon Communications Gets Human Resources On Track with a Balanced Scorecard Approach. Emerging from a recent merger and industry deregulation, and entering a time of increased competition, Verizon Communications needed to prepare for aggressive customer acquisition if it was to survive the telecomm wars. The company decided to take a hard look at human resources, … Read more

Balanced Scorecard Helps Insurance Company to Manage New Operational Complexities

Balanced Scorecard helps UNUM Insurance to Manage New Operational Complexities and Diverse Stakeholder Groups UNUM is a Fortune 500 company and a market leader in disability, group life, long term care and voluntary benefits.  In 1998, when the company first implemented a Balanced Scorecard approach, it had 7,200 employees; today it has more than 10,000 … Read more