Cascading Strategy: 12 Examples Used to Align Strategy

Infographic: 12 Examples of Balanced Scorecard Cascading

These examples are neither best practices, nor recommendations to follow. Use them to better understand where your business is now in terms of a disciplined strategy execution approach and what can be improved. Balanced Scorecard Term In the majority of cases the declared goal of the scorecard project is more efficient and effective strategy execution. … Read more

Strategy Cascading: How-To Align Organization Across Common Goals

Strategy cascading

Good strategy implies the coherence between objectives and the way people interpret them on each level of the organization. In the business scorecards this coherence is achieved via the cascading process. In this article, I’d like to use some examples of cascading to summarize the best practices and typical pitfalls. What is Cascading? A top-level Balanced Scorecard cannot be used … Read more