31 Balanced Scorecard Examples with KPIs

Ready-to-use Balanced Scorecard templates with examples of KPIs for different business domains. Graphical templates for presentation slides. Guides and instructions. Use these materials to get started with your new scorecard faster. Live Examples with KPIs Check out 31 examples of real Balanced Scorecard projects with strategy maps, KPIs, business goals, and BI dashboards. Live Examples … Read more

Sales Scorecard with 3 Levels of KPIs

3 Layers of Sales KPIs

Find an example of sales scorecard with KPIs divided into three levels: 1. Process-oriented metrics. 2. Result-oriented indicators. 3. Big picture KPIs. On the Internet one can find a bunch of KPIs for measuring virtually everything including a sales process. The first problem is that in most cases those are simple metrics that have nothing to … Read more

Measuring Customer Loyalty and Retention with KPIs

Customer loyalty and retention KPIs in BSC Designer Online

Customer loyalty plays a fundamental role in a business’s success. It can be measured in many ways depending on the business model. Overall customer loyalty refers to customer retention, such as the number of customers that do repeat business / purchases. However, in today’s competitive markets customer loyalty also refers to brand perception, behavior and … Read more

Sales Order Backlog Challenge

Backlog Balanced Scorecard

Sales Backlog stands for the amount of sales orders that a company has received but has not completed yet, also referred to as order backlog or BI. The perception of the impact backlog orders have on a company varies. The majority of companies measure their backlog rations in sales values. If the backlog sales value … Read more

Example of Sustainability Balanced Scorecard with KPIs

Three pillars of sustainability

Sustainable growth is a key theme of most corporate strategies today. In this article, we will discuss the ways to implement pillars of sustainability (ESG) into strategy. The content of the article: Introduction. What is sustainability? Part 1. Sustainability KPIs Part 2. Building a Sustainable Balanced Scorecard Part 3. How to align the goals of … Read more

Example of Nonprofit Balanced Scorecard with 14 KPIs

Non profit strategy map example

Review an example of the non-profit scorecard: learn how nonprofit organizations can use the Balanced Scorecard framework, find out what objectives and indicators should be mapped in the financial perspective. Recently I was approached by an executive director of a nonprofit who asked me about the possibility of the Balanced Scorecard implementation in their organization.His biggest concern … Read more