4 Levels of Training KPIs + Balanced Scorecard Example

Getting started with training measurement

How to build a training scorecard that will help to separate time-spending on infotainment and highly useful performance-shifting training. Training and workshops have become a standard part of learning process in any organization. In my opinion, the most important challenge for the organizations is to be able to detect the difference between less useful infotainment and highly useful … Read more

A Strategy Scorecard and KPIs for Energy Production Company

Two strategic themes for a company from the energy sector

Companies from the energy sector can no longer improve on best practices. There is a strong need for a new sustainable strategy that will optimize old operations and address the challenges from the renewable energy.  In this article we will discuss: The threats and opportunities that the energy sector faces, Strategies that can be used to … Read more

Example of Customer Service Balanced Scorecard with KPIs

An example of customer service Balanced Scorecard with business model, action plan, and cost factors.

Learn how to build a customer service Balanced Scorecard step-by-step. Start with a general business model, analyze the main business challenges, and convert them into a strategy map with KPIs. Customer support should be fast, good, and inexpensive – a classical project management triangle, where one can pick any two options. With a right approach … Read more

31 Marketing KPIs: Guide for Tracking Marketing Metrics

How profitable is your marketing? Only 38% of companies calculate marketing ROI and can answer this question. Let’s discuss what the best marketing KPIs are, how to calculate them, and how to align marketing with a company’s strategy. Here are 4 topics that I’d like to talk about in this article: Marketing measurement challenge Tracking … Read more

Startup KPIs and Balanced Scorecard

Startup KPIs explained by BSC Designer

A typical startup founder is busy with products, customer development, marketing, and pitches to the investor. When it comes to tracking KPIs, the challenge is something confusing – there are many long lists of indicators, best-practices and metrics that VCs supposedly are looking for. In this article, we’ll discuss two topics: KPIs that a startup … Read more

KPIs for a Dental Practice

New patient conversion rate.

Find below the list of the ready-to-use KPIs for a dental practice. It makes sense using these KPIs as a part of your Dental Practice Business Scorecard. If you are looking for an example of a more general scorecard for a healthcare organization, then we recommend to check out this hospital scorecard template. New Patient … Read more

Bank KPIs and Strategies to Respond to Disruptive Trends

Banks can no longer base their strategy on financial indicators only. In this article, we will build a Balanced Scorecard for a typical retail bank. We will analyze emerging trends, possible response strategies, and relevant KPIs. The content of the article: Emerging Challenges for Retail Banking Any business is about trust, and retail banks are … Read more