Why Does One Need to Stop Searching for BSC Designer Illegal Serial Codes?

We’ve noticed that many of potential users of BSC Designer are searching in Google for illegal versions of our software. These people are searching for cracks, serial numbers, and registration codes. This is very disappointing as we are investing a lot of effort in the development of the software. This post is to summarize some thoughts on the topic.

BSC Designer PRO Serial

Illegal software is dangerous

We are not talking about legal consequences that might occur because of illegal use of a software. When cracked version of the software is distributed, it is not a rare case when it is infected by viruses or malware that are not necessary detectable by antivirus tools.

  • When downloading and running suspicious files you are exposing yourself to a higher risk of getting a virus to your computer and losing your data as a result.

A quick search over the Internet gave some downloads that promised to provide an “unlocked version” of BSC Designer. A scan done by Microsoft Security Essentials showed that those downloads contain “unwanted software” inside:

Illegal software is dangerous because of viruses inside

Download package size

There is a simple test that helps to find out if the downloaded package was compromised. Compare the size of the official package (now it is around 31.5 Mb) and the size of the package from suspicious website (the one we were examining was around 15 Mb). It is obvious that the package delivered from a suspicious site is not what it seems to be.

Invest in your business toolkit

Professionalism is recognized including by the use of professional tools. Being an officially registered user of BSC Designer gives you several serious benefits:

  • You is able to use the latest version of BSC Designer
  • You enjoy our technical support
  • Your feature requests have high priority for us
  • You use the software legally

Having BSC Designer in your business toolkit gives you an excellent way to define, describe, and effectively execute your business strategy.

Try trial for more time

We provide a free 30-day trial for BSC Designer PRO. If you need more time to try it, don’t hesitate to contact us with your request, no need to search for illegal serials in this case.

Light edition is free

BSC Designer is available in several editions. BSC Designer Light is completely free and allows starting with KPIs and business goals. This option is much better than starting scorecard project in Excel, and it is free. Later, if you decide to switch to the PRO edition, you can do this effortless as all editions of BSC Designer use the same .BSC file format.

I hope to see you among new users!

BSC Designer Team

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