Balanced Scorecard and BSC Designer in the Middle East

The Balanced Scorecard concept is well-known in the KSA market. Private company and governmental organizations are looking for ways to effectively execute their strategies. BSC Designer software is recognized among strategists and CEOs in the Arabic-speaking market.

Here, you will find some video tutorials for the product as well as testimonials by the users from the region.

BSC Designer Interface in the Arabic Language

Arabic version of BSC Designer

Case Studies – Balanced Scorecard in KSA Region

Below are some references to short case studies.

BSC Designer Video Tutorials

Here is a video by Wesam Rohouma who explains the basics of the software.

عرض لكيفية استخدام برنامج BSC Designer في إدارة الاستراتيجية بمنهجية بطاقات الاداء المتوازن
عرض برنامج BSCDesigner 2

The video was published in 2017, and we have implemented many updates since then. Particularly, in new interface the Business Goals and the KPIs tabs are merged in one tab KPIs.

There are more Middle East companies among our customers who use BSC products to improve their business performance:

  • Al Kout Industrial Projects Company – Al Kout Industrial Projects (AIP) is building a diverse portfolio of industrial businesses in Kuwait. The first of these was Chlor Alkali, following the purchase of the former PIC Salt & Chlorine plant in July 2000. Since acquiring the plant we have doubled the production capacity and completely modernized all plant critical systems
  • State Audit Bureau – The Constitution of the State of Kuwait, which was issued on November 11, 1962, clearly provided for the establishment of a commission for financial control in which its independence shall be safe-guarded by the law. Believing that public funds, that form the State’s nerve and its corner-stone for prosperity, should be safe-guarded to insure full collection of revenues, avoid any loss, or negligence and expend these revenues for the welfare of the society without extravagance or unreasonable economizing.
  • HCT / CERT – The CERT Group of Companies began as the commercial arm of the Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates, and has grown to be the largest private education provider in the Middle East. CERT is also the largest MENA (Middle East North Africa) investor in the discovery and commercialization of technology, investing USD 35 million in 2006.
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