Zimbabwe-Based Talent Consulting Implemented Balanced Scorecard – Case Study

Cultural shift with Balanced ScorecardCase study: BSC Designer software supports a cultural shift from “I’m doing my job” to “I do understand strategy” in Talent Consulting.


The case study reveals details of Balanced Scorecard implementation with BSC Designer in Zimbabwe-based management consulting company Talent Consulting Ltd.

During 3 weeks of Balanced Scorecard implementation period, the company successfully introduced software to its employees and top management, achieving tangible results.

The major results that are recognized by top management of the company are that employees are now more aligned with company strategy; they actually take an interest in performance of other divisions to ensure that their areas of responsibilities are performing well.

Company profile

Talent Consulting (Pvt) Ltd is a Zimbabwe-based company, developer of psychometric tools such as DISCUS, and PDA.  The company also dedicates its efforts to Management Consulting, training and development.

Roy Travers, Managing Director at Talent Consulting, Harare, Zimbabwe about BSC Designer and the Balanced Scorecard concept:

It is a wonderful performance management system that has enabled us to better manage our own business and therefore will also enable our clients to better manage their own operations.  The training you provide is excellent, as is the support.  We are pleased to have chosen BSC Designer as our partner and hope that we will expand your business in Zimbabwe.

Talent Consulting is a strategic management consultancy business focusing mainly on the development of people within the workplace.  The company assists its clients in businesses developing by ensuring their human capital is correctly aligned with the organization. Company implements processes to enable its clients to effectively run their operations, and provides training and development strategies.

Case study with Roy Travers, Managing Director at Talent Consulting.

Initial steps with Balanced Scorecard

Talent Consulting have purchased the BSC Designer Standard software and was rolling out with the process.  The first stage of Balanced Scorecard project was estimated as an “early infancy.”

Balanced Scorecard Roles

  • In Talent Consulting the company management ensures business support issues, like converting business goals in to indications.
  • The technical support and maintenance of the Balanced Scorecard is ensured by IT department.

Companywide implementation

The Balanced Scorecard system was implemented company wide. On all levels that include CEO, top management, department managers.

At the same time all employees of Talent Consulting are indoctrinated in the process and understand it.  Their involvement is incorporated and measured in their performance appraisals.

Culture shift from “I’m doing my job” to “I understand the strategy”

The Balanced Scorecard project in Talent Consulting is still in its early stages, but what the management has experienced is an immediate “culture shift” from “I am doing my job,” to “I now have a purpose in my role and can see its importance and understand the company strategy a lot better.”

The Balanced Scorecard concept has focused all concerned employees in a way that they now better understand what strategic goals actually are and why they are important.  This provides purpose and direction in their day-to-day activities.

Being measurable, employees are now far more aligned to the business and what it needs to achieve.  They actually take an interest in performance and take an interest in other divisions and the interplay between all parts of the business in order to ensure that their areas of responsibilities are performing well.

With business goals set on a collaborative basis, employees are now focused on achieving or exceeding their objectives, almost in a competitive manner.  Sharing of information is now expected and encouraged.

Collaboration secrets

  • Collaboration and feedback from staff to managers has been a major success factor.  As there is greater understanding, the flow of information is far more effective.
  • Other departments now understand the importance of other functions, and how those functions impact (positively, or negatively) on their own performance.

Also, from technical view point the stop-lights and colour coding of indicators in BSC Designer was highly appreciated by the company.  It provides an early warning system and enables those who are tasked with various indicators to act appropriately.

Balanced Scorecard and 360 degree process

The company top management has linked Balanced Scorecard to employee performance appraisal using the 360 process. As part of company’s succession planning process, one of their future plans will be to use BSC as a means to ensure that the process is carried out effectively.

Expectations about Balanced Scorecard

The company expects greater collaboration and understanding of the entire business process by employees. Increased efficiency in the business is a concern as are the company’s internal processes .

These changes will help in consolidating client base. Company will be better informed to be able to offer its clients Balanced Scorecard solutions to their own operations.

Talent consulting plans to improve and scale BSC concept in company by a continual process of focus on the key business issues facing them, they will be keep modifying and re-setting indicators in order to achieve overall business success.

Choosing edition of BSC Designer

For now company uses BSC Designer Standard, but top management has already found that there are areas where they should upgrade to BSC Designer Pro.  The further plan is to use web-based balanced scorecard solutions.

Technical details of Balanced Scorecard implementation

  • The timeline for the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard in Talent Consulting was 3 weeks. Few technical problems were faced, but they were not unduly problematic.
  • For now the integration is mainly based on Excel, company plans to integrate with CRM system soon. With the growth of the project company plan to use “Imported Indicators”.
  • For strategy maps company use solution that was used before the BSC Designer was implemented.
  • Top management and employees exchange Balanced Scorecard information mainly using Excel files and other reports provided by BSC Designer. Among reports Excel and “Overview” reports appeared to be one of the most used.

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