Balanced Scorecard in The Virtual Company Management Training

Sergio Valenzuela Mayer from Chile-based Consultora SVM y Cía Ltda implements BSC Designer in the business simulation class room. Students could present a whole picture of the virtual organization and share it with the professor and the other teams.

Sergio was searching for packages to create dashboards of integrated KPIs, and finally decided to use the Balanced Scorecard framework because it is a good way to get a global view of an organization together with simulations, utilization of the performance indicators, and Du Pont indicators.

BSC in company management training

Incorporating Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard project at Consultora SVM was started back in 2005. The project flow was interrupted and until now it presented just old html views with simulated data. Sergio plans to incorporate the Balanced Scorecard as an analytic tool and as a dashboard for simulated scenarios that are using simulation models of a process.

The virtual organization training is intended for business owners. Sergio plans to use BSC Designer in training projects for the visual demonstrations and feedback.

  • All of the participants will be using BSC Designer to create their own Balanced Scorecards. Once a team has its results they will be published online for a review.

For now the Sergio worked with two perspectives – production and finance, but two more perspectives – marketing and internal performance will be included. BSC Designer will be configured to read from SQL data base the data generated by the simulator and the data entered by the workflow forms.

Balanced Scorecard in Virtual Management Training

Sergio Valenzuela Mayer is explaining what his virtual management training is about:

Sergio Valenzuela Mayer implements BSC Designer softwareMy core business is consulting in simulation processes, mainly in mining, and a second field is the use of the models for virtual management training. For these reasons I have developed the Virtual Enterprise product.

The system architecture includes:

  • Analysis of production processes: In this module, participants can analyze production processes by simulating different scenarios and evaluate decisions made in order to improve production performance.
  • Automating administrative processes: Participants can be organized by different teams and communicate each other’s through a workflow platform, and modifying the input data of the simulation model.
  • Integrated control panel: With all data generated by the simulator and also by the decision made through the collaborative system, the whole data base is accessed by a BSC system in order to generate the company’s performance.”

Have you used Balanced Scorecard in education? What is your experience? Please, share in the comments.

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