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BSC Designer® is a performance management software. It supports the Balanced Scorecard framework, which according to yearly studies continues to be one of the most popular tools for planning and executing a business strategy.

Learn about various functions of BSC Designer:

The heart of the Balanced Scorecard is a strategy map. BSC Designer allows you to design state-of-the-art strategy maps, representing your business objectives and the cause-and-effect relationships between them.

Strategy map is the heart of the Balanced Scorecard

For a top manager, the strategy map plays the role of a performance management and monitoring dashboard:

  • The Balanced Scorecard suggests four perspectives.
  • Each of these perspectives includes business objectives.
  • These objectives, in turn, are linked to each other with cause-and-effect relationships.
  • KPIs attached to each of these objectives measure your business performance, or your progress toward your strategic goals.
  • The stop-light of the KPI indicates your current performance and progress levels.
  • In the end, your business goals are clearly linked to detailed action plans.

Using the strategy map?

You can use the strategy map in several ways.

  • The strategy map also helps to align actions with business goals, so employees can understand their role.  They can think of their work as “helping the company to achieve its objectives,” rather than simply “doing my job.” Learn more about alignment.

Managing director shares his opinion of communicating the whole picture to employees

  • Executives use a strategy map to monitor current performance and to track their progress toward planned business objectives.  BSC Designer makes this easy with KPIs and Dashboard tabs. Learn how to do this in BSC Designer.

Dashboard in BSC Designer

A cultural shift with Balanced Scorecard Monitor performance constantly
  • The strategy map shows you the big picture of what is happening in the company, why it is happening, and what you can do about it.
  • As a result, the strategy map helps you to execute your business strategy, and engage your employees.
CFO uses BSC Designer to visualize strategy in clean understandable picture Track results in real time Keep control of vital metrics

Use Initiatives in BSC Designer to define a detailed action plan linked to a KPI

Execute the strategy with BSC Designer Better view on business goals Translate intuition in strategic plan

Start building a strategy map with KPIs

BSC Designer is much more than a drawing tool.  What you see on the strategy map is a representation of real data, which you can access at any time. On the KPI tab, you can manage your Key Performance Indicators.

Manage KPIs in BSC Designer

  • You can enter KPI values manually for a specific date.
  • Import data from MS Excel, or on an SQL database.
  • Choose an optimization direction for each KPI.
  • Attach an action plan as an initiative.
  • Monitor each indicator’s current performance.
  • Track its progress toward a target value.
  • Use stop lights to see whether these values are in the expected range.
  • Receive email notifications about important changes.
Create Hierarchical KPIs Design Multi-level BSC Organize KPIs

You can also visit the Business Goals tab in BSC Designer, to access your business objectives.

Business goals in BSC Designer

BSC Designer allows you to:

  • Specify cause and effect relationships between your objectives. Learn how.
  • Attach KPIs and initiatives to each objective. Learn how.
  • Choose how each element will be displayed on your strategy map.
Map objectives Drill down objectives KPIs for perspectives

Getting business data in BSC Designer

Whether you’re monitoring your current business performance or controlling a business improvement, you need to get your business data into BSC Designer.

  • You can manually enter data about your KPIs.
  • Read data directly from a MS Excel spreadsheet.
  • Access an external database with an SQL indicator.
  • Define custom formulas, like the total or average of other KPIs.

By default, the performance function for each KPI is a simple line function, with a minimum value, maximum value, and current value.  But experienced business analytics can customize this, as well.

Import your data into the Balanced Scorecard

BSC Designer lets to import data from a database

Teamwork with BSC Designer

As your performance management and monitoring project grows, more people will get involved.  BSC Designer is ready to help.  You can easily:

  • Share your Balanced Scorecard with other users.
  • Notify users about important changes.
  • And even create complex cascading scorecards.

Reports for the Balanced Scorecard

You can give employees direct access to your Balanced Scorecard, or share selected details with them:

  • You can generate a variety of reports, including our popular HTML report.
  • Export data from your Balanced Scorecard to MS Excel, including all your formulas.
  • Or, create a MS Powerpoint presentation including the most important details from your Balanced Scorecard.

Balanced Scorecard HTML Report

Balanced Scorecard in HTML or PowerPoint report Communicate results for clients

Moving up from MS Excel

If you ask most business people where they keep their business data, you’ll probably hear, “In a MS Excel spreadsheet.”  Excel is a must-have business tool these days!

Unfortunately, Excel is not really suitable for the Balanced Scorecard.  It may be possible to design a few KPIs in Excel, or a simple strategy map, or a prototype of your Balanced Scorecard.  But to design, implement, and update a complete Balanced Scorecard, you’ll need a more powerful tool.

  • The next step is to switch to specialized software designed for the Balanced Scorecard, like BSC Designer.

Don’t worry about your data.  BSC Designer can read your existing data directly from your Excel spreadsheet.

Avoid using Excel spreadsheets for the Balanced Scorecard Balanced Scorecard is difficult to build with Excel Balanced Scorecard in Excel is hard to update

User-friendly interface for the Balanced Scorecard

We’ve invested a lot of time in designing a user-friendly graphic interface for BSC Designer, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to make it even easier.  Many of our users have called BSC designer “easy to use,” “user-friendly,” an “intuitive tool” that “helps a novice” get started.

BSC software with a powerful functionality Balanced Scorecard software that is easy to use for novices Easy to understand Balanced Scorecard software

BSC Designer Interface

Some users even say that BSC Designer helped them to understand the whole concept of the Balanced Scorecard, better than they did before:

Learn BSC method Balanced Scorecard software easy for a newbie Intuitive Balanced Scorecard tool

A word about our competitors

Why should you choose BSC Designer instead of one of our competitors?  We believe that BSC Designer provides all of the Balanced Scorecard automation and functionality you need, in a simple, user-friendly manner.  Some of our customers tell us that they decided to use BSC Designer because it was so easy to  implement: no special databases, no complicated installations, and very easy maintenance.

Visual method for BSC Easy to maintain and input data
The best BSC software in the market Balanced Scorecard software benchmarking

Get BSC Designer desktop and web-based

You can use BSC Designer on your Windows desktop, or on the web, with any browser, any device, even your smartphone or tablet.

  • BSC Designer PRO Download trial version Buy Full Version
  • BSC Designer Online Start trial period of BSC Designer Online Log in BSC Designer

There’s no special database to install.  BSC Designer saves your Balanced Scorecard projects as simple files that you can store on a local disk, or upload to access with our web-based edition.

BSC Designer is extremely easy to install Simple installation of BSC Designer

Download our free trial, and explore all of our features for a full 30 days.  You don’t need a credit card, and you don’t need to fill in any long, complex forms.

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