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BSC Designer PRO for Windows is now available as a subscription. Instead of investing a large sum of money in the permanent license and later in the updates, users can now choose to have an up to date version of BSC Designer PRO by paying a small monthly fee.

BSC Designer PRO for Windows is now available as a subscription.

You don’t need to be online all the time

Subscription model implies that your PC needs to have an Internet connection to activate the subscription and to check that your subscription is still valid, but there is no need to be online all the time while you are using BSC Designer PRO.

Offline grace period

BSC Designer will check regularly that your subscription is active by connecting to the subscription server. What if there is no Internet connection, for example, when you are traveling? In this case the software will inform you about inability to verify your subscription right away and will give you an offline grace period, a certain period of time that software will work without verified activation.

The offline grace period depends on your subscription plan:

  • for monthly subscriptions the offline grace period is 15 days
  • for quarterly subscriptions it is 30 days
  • for annual subscriptions it is 60 days

Can a subscription be activated on a computer that is never connected to the Internet?

No, it cannot. There should be a possibility to activate software when installing, and have an access to the Internet to confirm subscription status as explained above in “offline grace period” paragraph.

Do I have a right for upgrades? Do I get upgrades automatically?

With the subscription model you always have a right to use the latest version of the software. BSC Designer will check for the upgrades regularly, and will suggest for you to upgrade. While we always recommend using the latest version, it’s up to you whether to upgrade right now or not. You can upgrade to the latest version or keep using the version that you have right now.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

The software stops working. You will still have your project files with your data, but without software you won’t be able to open them.

Can I cancel my subscription and then go back when I need software again?

Yes. That’s one of the benefits of the subscription model. For example, a Balanced Scorecard consultant might have a monthly-based subscription for May and June, and cancel it for July, and August when the software will not be used.

What are the benefits of the subscription compared to the permanent license?

Instead of investing a large sum in the beginning, you can start using the software by paying just a small monthly fee. This is a great way to plan your spending, and make sure that the software fits to your business environment.

Does subscription to BSC Designer PRO gives me a subscription to BSC Designer Online?

No, these are two different products. You can buy two subscriptions at the same time and configure the number of users you need to have. For example, you can have 2 subscriptions for BSC Designer PRO and 6 power users in BSC Designer Online. You can find more details in the price calculator.

Can I still buy a permanent license?

While a general trend in the industry indicates a movement towards subscription model (taking Adobe and Microsoft companies as an example), our users can choose between a permanent license and a subscription to see what option woks better for them.

I already have a permanent license; do I have a special price for the subscription?

It depends on when your permanent license was purchased, and if you kept your license upgraded. Please, contact us in this case for more details.

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