BSC Designer Server – Collaboration Tool for your Team

BSC Designer ServerBSC Designer Online is a popular cloud-based tool for strategy execution. There are additional installation options:

  • On premises. In the cases when the use of the cloud-based tools is not possible, the BSC Designer Online can be installed and executed on a local server of the organization.
  • Private cloud. Another option is to deploy BSC Designer on a private cloud, for example on a separate account at Heroku that is managed by the user.


BSC Designer Server runs on Tomcat and requires a server computer with:

  • Windows OS or Linux OS (Ubuntu or CentOS) *
  • Java machine version 7 or later
  • MySQL database
  • At least 500 MB of free disk space

* In the installation package we provide configuration instructions for these operation systems, but with some configuration the software can be started on any computer with Java + MySql.

Training Video

How to install BSC Designer Server

Try Server Version

Depending on the stage of your evaluation we recommend you the following approaches to trying BSC Designer Server:

  • Trying all functions. You can try all the functions of BSC Designer Online by opening a free trial account at

The trial version (server) has certain limits to the size of the project that you can create. When the full version is purchased you will need to enter a registration key.

Cite as: BSC Designer Team, "BSC Designer Server – Collaboration Tool for your Team," BSC Designer, April 29, 2015,

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