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On this page you will find training videos for BSC Designer Online. There is also an online manual in text format. Should you have any questions that were not covered in these videos, please contact us directly.

Getting Started with BSC Designer

Welcome to BSC Designer Online. Learn more about how BSC Designer Online works.

Training video: Introduction in BSC Designer Online

How to setup KPIs

Training video: KPIs in BSC Designer Online

How to start using a template

Training video: Using BSC Template

How to create strategy and process maps

Training video: Strategy Maps with BSC Designer Online

How to create dashboards

Training video: Dashboards in BSC Designer Online

How to setup alerts

Training video: Alert in BSC Designer Online

Analyzing the performance of KPIs

Training video: KPIs Analysis In BSC Designer Online

Load data into KPIs from MS Excel

Training video: Importing data for KPIs from MS Excel

Setting access permission for scorecards

Training video: Share Scorecard with BSC Designer Online

How to cascade scorecards by business goals and KPIs

Training video: Cascading in BSC Designer Online

Surveys and data series

Training video: Data Series in BSC Designer Online

Managing users

Training video: Managing Users in BSC Designer Online

Performance reporting

Training video: Reports with BSC Designer Online

Organizing scorecards in your account

Training video: Organizing Scorecards with BSC Designer Online

Account administration

Training video: Account Administration in BSC Designer Online

BSC Designer On Premises

Training video: BSC Designer On Premises

Data from SQL database

Training video: Getting data from SQL database

Step-by-step from a business model to the Balanced Scorecard

From a business model to the strategy map - step by step video

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