BSC Designer Specialist Training and Certification

Get trained and certified in BSC DesignerBSC Designer Specialist Training is an online training program that helps business professionals:

  • Achieve proficiency in professional software for strategy scorecards
  • Get certified as a BSC Designer Specialist
  • Become a certified BSC Designer partner

Why BSC Designer training

BSC Designer is recognized by many business professionals all over the world. We see an increasing demand for specialists familiar with our product that can help a local company to:

  • Set up KPIs
  • Move existing KPIs from Excel to automation software
  • Create professional strategy maps
  • Build strategy scorecards

Who should attend

The training was designed for a wide range of business professionals in mind. Among our trainees we have:

  • Business and strategy consultants
  • Strategists and CEOs
  • IT and HR specialists
  • Specialists in performance measurement
  • Quality assurance professionals

Training prerequisite:

  • Basic understanding of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and strategy maps
  • Internet access to the training videos and BSC Designer Online software

What is inside

An online training consists of several lessons that cover all key functions of BSC Designer Online and its practical application in the business environment.

BSC Designer Specialist Training and Certification

BSC Designer Specialist Training – Home Page

Each lesson includes:

  • Links to the training video
  • Trainer guidance and home tasks
  • Home tasks analysis and feedback from the trainer

Training and certification program

Here is the plan for the training and certification:

  • Lesson 1 – Preparation
  • Lesson 2 – Working with KPIs
  • Lesson 3 – Strategy description and accountability
  • Lesson 4 – Strategy visualization
  • Lesson 5 – BSC Designer for partners
  • Certificate Issuance

In each step you’ll follow our guidance and will build your scorecard project. As a result, on the final step you will know all the details about how to work with the major features of BSC Designer Online.

Training outcomes

Those who successfully passed all the steps of the training will obtain a BSC Designer Specialist certificate:

The final step of the BSC Designer Training and Certification

BSC Designer Specialist Training – final step, trainee is ready to get a certificate.

The certificate includes the full name of the trainee who successfully passed the training and is delivered as a print-friendly PDF document.

Partners network

The certification is not only a great way to demonstrate your proficiency in business performance management software in your CV, but is also an excellent opportunity to join our partners network. In our partners network we connect together specialists who are certified in BSC Designer and the customer companies that are interested in a local representative.

Sing up with the certification and training

To sign up with the BSC Designer Specialist certification and training, use of the options as described below:

  • Full

  • $499

    per participant

  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes Online training area
  • yes By email
  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • Premium

  • $3,495

    max 12 trainees

  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes Online training area
  • yes Email / Web meeting
  • yes
  • yes 2 full days or 8 training sessions 1.5 hours each
  • yes Training on client's site (travel costs not included)

Once payment is processed you will have a link to the training area with the first lesson.

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