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KPI and Scorecard Training by BSC DesignerWelcome to the training page. Here you will find information about all our training products:

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Product training

We provide free training videos for our software products BSC Designer Online and BSC Designer PRO:

Online training for strategy, scorecards, and KPIs

Strategy Scorecard Fast Track

Strategy Scorecard Fast Track is an inexpensive training that helps to get started with a domain of strategy description and execution.

KPIs Training and Certification by BSC Designer

If your focus is on the Key Performance Indicators, then “KPIs Training and Certification” by BSC Designer will answer your most emerging questions.

Building Balanced Scorecard step by step3

The training for in-depth understanding of the strategy execution discipline using Balanced Scorecard framework and other tools.

Users of BSC Designer with an active license will find some training videos on KPIs and Balanced Scorecard in the Knowledge Base.

Conference talks and workshops

BSC Designer participates in the professional conferences where we normally run some tutorial classes. Find below information about upcoming events. BSC Designer team will be happy to meet with you and help with strategy scorecards and KPIs.

  • [Tool session]Communicate strategy more effectively and engage workforce in company objectives.” 22nd Annual SCIP European Summit, 13-15 November 2017, Cascais, Portugal.
  • [Meetup] BSC Designer Demo Day, 16th November, 2017: Lisbon, Portugal
  • [Tutorial] “Preventive quality metrics.” Software Quality Days. January 17th to 20th, 2018, Vienna, Austria.
  • [Talk] “20 ideas to improve your quality measurement system.” Software Quality Days. January 17th to 20th, 2018, Vienna, Austria.
  • [Tutorial] “Innovative environment – how to measure its performance and prioritize innovative efforts.” OOP week: Feb 5 – 9, 2018, München, Germany.
  • [Tutorial] “Performance Measurement for an Agile Organization.” Agilia Conference 2018, 9-13 April, 2018, Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Contact us if you want to meet up at one of these events.

Free webinars

You can also find it useful to join one of our free webinars that we are doing regularly. Check out the webinar program and watch the recording of the previous webinars.

Collaboration with MBA programs

According to the research, the toolkit of the most successful executives includes business scorecards. This explains a strong interest from the part of MBA students in modern strategy execution frameworks. The MBA class room is something special for us. On the one hand, we need to teach the theory of the concept; on the other hand, we want to share some practical experience.

To achieve these two goals, we use examples of real business scorecards, like those that companies use.

After “playing” with those scorecards, students became really enthusiastic about the Business Scorecard approach, and we believe that our first goal was successfully achieved in this case.


For those who need to have a guidebook for their KPIs, we recommend the 10 Step KPI System by Aleksey Savkin. This book is a step by step guide to the design of tailor-made performance indicators. The appendix of the book is a brainstorming template that one can use to get started with new KPIs and improve existing ones.

Questions and answers

Below I answer some typical questions about our training.

Q: Do you teach “Business,” “Strategy,” or “Balanced” Scorecard?

Ted Levitt once said:

  • People don’t buy a quarter-inch drill bit, they buy a quarter-inch hole.

Regarding scorecards I would say:

People don’t need Scorecard, they need a way to describe their complex strategies, communicate and then execute them.

For this very reason, in our training we are not locked to the Balanced Scorecard concept. It gives a lot of meaningful ideas about strategy description, but we can also learn a lot from other frameworks, like for example 7-S or Hoshin Kanri. For some companies, simpler approaches work much better than complex ones.

Q: Why training with BSC Designer? What makes you special?

We have a strong practical background in the topic:

  • We have helped companies all over the world to solve their management and measurement-related problems with scorecards. Check out the case study section to get an idea about who our customers are and what kind of problems they have solved.
  • We are authors of “BSC Designer” software for the business scorecard. That’s why during the training we are not talking about abstract theory, and we are always trying to show how it works in practice. Still, we don’t insist on the usage of our software.
  • We have our own KPIs library, as well as a solid experience with designing KPIs that work.
  • Our trainers wrote books on the topic of Balanced Scorecard, KPIs (check out the latest one), their articles were seen on Forbes, and industry specific strategy magazines. You might have heard them speaking about the strategy at professional conferences.

Q: Why should I choose your training, but not one of these more expensive programs?

There are various training/certification programs for the Business/Balanced Scorecard/KPIs available on the market. Most of them suggest an excellent value and are taught by experienced lecturers. We are different, as we focus our training on practice. It’s like riding a bicycle:

You can hire the Olympic champion to teach you; you can read many books on the topic (yes, there are such books!), or visit expensive training, but the most important thing is that you start trying to ride.

For our training, we don’t hire Olympic champions, but we help you to try all the ideas that we teach as soon as possible.

Do you have any other questions? Feel free to send us a question via the contact form.

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