Management by Objectives (MBO) vs. Balanced Scorecard

Management by objectives (MBO) is a model that helps organizations improve their performance by clearly defining their objectives.  The uniqueness of this model lays in the manner in which the corporate objectives are diligently communicated down into employee objectives, to ensure the entire organization is working towards the same goal. The core value behind management … Read more

Examples of KPIs for Measuring Customer Loyalty and Retention

Customer loyalty plays a fundamental role in a business’s success. It can be measured in many ways depending on the business model. Overall customer loyalty refers to customer retention, such as the number of customers that do repeat business / purchases. However, in today’s competitive markets customer loyalty also refers to brand perception, behavior and … Read more

Sales Order Backlog Challenge

Sales Backlog stands for the amount of sales orders that a company has received but has not completed yet, also referred to as order backlog or BI. The perception of the impact backlog orders have on a company varies. The majority of companies measure their backlog rations in sales values. If the backlog sales value … Read more