KPIs Analysis and Forecasting in BSC Designer

KPIs Analysis in BSC Designer - Video
Sometimes in order to have some meaningful business insight we need to browse the raw data. In the context of the strategy execution, raw data is what your KPIs contain. BSC Designer helps you to do some basic analysis of this data in order to discover important nuances that you might not have noticed.

What was the biggest loss over the last 3 years? When do we expect an indicator to get into the green zone if the growth speed remains the same? What indicators has the highest relevant importance compared to the others? Check out this video manual for “Analysis” functions in BSC Designer to learn more.

Check out the text guide for Analysis in the BSC Designer manual.

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  • Bruno Sardinha Marques

    How can i export this chart?

  • Hi Bruno, for now the software offers this view on “Analysis” tab only. Actually it makes sense to have a report based on the results of the analysis. Thank you for the idea.

  • Hi Bruno, we have added a new “Analysis” report in the Reports menu. It allows to export the results of KPI analysis.

Thank you for sharing!

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