With an increasing complexity of business world the problems of strategy description and execution are not getting easier to solve. That’s why we continue seeing an increasing interest in Balanced Scorecard framework.

After trying to solve automation task with MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, executives and strategy professionals are coming to the conclusion that spreadsheets software might be fine for a prototyping stage, but for the projects they need to have a professional Balanced Scorecard tool.

About BSC Designer®

BSC Designer is one of the best business scorecard software products on the market (don’t just believe my words, check out what our users say).

Our product line is represented by:

These products are used by individual business professionals, as well as by companies with complex cascading structure of interconnected scorecards.

Our philosophy is to make things easy to run. That’s why BSC Designer is actually very easy to install and configure.

Anyone can try a fully functional free plan of our products before buying.

Free video lessons on our website help new users to get started.

Still, there are companies that prefer to:

  • Stay in the contact with a local representative
  • Be trained for a product personally
  • Obtain a help during implementation stage

That’s where our partners help us.

Who Will Benefit From Partnership with BSC Designer?

A typical profile of our partners is a company or independent professionals that already work in the domain of strategy and business performance improvement. Some partners have a strong academic background, others are known for excellent consulting projects.

We believe in a long-term partnership thorough education: we train our partners to use BSC Designer software, and help them with specific cases.

As a result, our partners can improve the portfolio of the services that they provide.

An expertise in BSC Designer allows not only sell the product, but adds value to the consulting service provided by a partner.

From our side, we are happy to share a part of the profit that we get from license sales with our partners.

Get trained and certified in BSC Designer

The Scale of the Expected Projects

The end users of BSC Designer vary from SMBs where the product is used exclusively by CEOs, to the large companies where BSC Designer is available to each manager who is involved (check out some examples of cascading) in the Business Scorecard.

The project scale may vary from 1 BSC Designer subscription to 50+ subscriptions. Taking into account license price one can get an idea about the possible budget of the project.

Company that plans large-scale implementation needs an assistance of a local specialist not only in software part, but in the business process part as well, that’s where our local partners play a significant role.

Partners Say

Here are the latest interviews with our partners:

  • Juan Carlos Aranibar, a Balanced Scorecard expert based in Bolivia: “Excel is a Good Tool to Initiate and Prototype a Balanced Scorecard” (Full interview text: English, Spanish).
  • Ignacio Castillo, Demsa Consulting, Mexico: “…we should not make a large number of indicators to achieve an objective, since in the end we will focus only on measuring and not in complying with the strategy outlined and its objectives.” (Full interview text: English, Spanish)

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Do you have an expertise in business performance management? Does it sounds like a project where you want to participate? Feel free to contact us to discuss the details.