KPIs for Remote Employees: Three Pillars of an Effective Distributed Team

Pillars of effective remote employee management

An ability to hire and manage employees remotely is becoming a competitive advantage these days[1]. More highly qualified talents prefer to work remotely to achieve a better work-life balance. How do you find the right employees? How do you manage remote teams? What KPIs will help to track the performance?   We’ll start the discussion … Read more

How to Focus Innovation Strategy with the Three Horizons Model

Learn how to use McKinsey’s Three Horizons Model for top level planning of business growth and innovation. Before, we discussed strategy map as a framework for the articulation of the innovation strategy. What about other popular frameworks? They certainly help to organize high-level thoughts about innovations and formulate a bird’s-eye view on a company’s innovation … Read more

Strategic Change Agenda: How to Define Transformation Goals

A template for strategic change agenda

Learn how to facilitate definition of the goals for a strategy map with the Strategic Change Agenda framework. Background Strategic Change Agenda is one of the frameworks[1] for strategy formulation. In the context of strategic planning, the change agenda tool was mentioned in “The Execution Premium”[2] as a tool that “explains the need for the … Read more

How to Adapt Strategy for a Period of Unknowns

How to Adapt Strategy for a Period of Unknowns

We are passing through a period of uncertainties – socials, economics, climatics… What can we do today to adapt strategies to the new challenges? With our mission in mind, we compiled a roadmap for the users of BSC Designer® software. Before, we formulated the five steps of the strategic planning process. Let’s see how the … Read more

Scenarios in Strategic Planning: Full Guide with Examples

3 Steps to Increase Business Resilience with Scenario Planning

Scenario planning helps organizations increase business resilience and prepare for future challenges. Learn how to formulate different types of scenarios and align them with overall strategy.  Key topics of the article: What is Scenario Planning? The Role in Strategic Planning and Risk Management Could We Be Better Prepared for Covid-19 with Scenario Planning? The Steps … Read more

Digital Transformation Strategy – An Example with Strategy Map and KPIs

3 steps to implement digital transformation strategy

How to focus digital transformation (DX/DT) on what matters? Let’s review some examples of digital transformation strategies, possible performance metrics, and automation ideas beyond large spreadsheets. Key topics of the article: Transformation Starts with Strategy, not with Technology The Balanced Scorecard Framework for Digital Transformation Strategy Practical Implementation for a DX Strategy Examples + Possible … Read more

Connect KPI to SAP Hana

Copy SQL end point for SAP Hana database

SAP provides their users with SAP Hana, an excellent tool to connect on premises and online SAP solutions. Users of BSC Designer can now power their KPIs accessing a database available in SAP Hana. Find below the steps to setup an SQL indicator for this case. 1. Select SAP Hana database instance, click on Actions … Read more

Strategy Meetings for Distributed Team

A three types of strategy sessions for distributed team

Practical example of how a distributed team can address new challenges with a combination of three strategy sessions: Discovery, Response, Review. Here are the key topics of the article: Strategy meeting for distributed team A template for strategy meeting Example of strategy meetings Software toolkit Executive summary Strategy Sessions for Distributed Team Any organization has … Read more

Five Forces Analysis for a Strategy Scorecard

3 steps to formulate a competitive strategy with Porter’s Five Forces framework

An example of using Porter’s Five Forces for strategy definition. Comparison to other competitive analysis frameworks.  Analyze competition in the context of five forces – direct competition, customer powers, supplier powers, new entrants, substitutes. The topics of the article: Porter’s Five Forces in Strategic Planning Five Forces Template + 3 steps to use it with … Read more